Siding in Vancouver

How long does it take to do a siding? If you`ve chosen a skillful contractor, installing of a new siding can be done even in one or two days provided that all the materials were delivered a day before. Of course, there are some other factors that may influence the speed. These are atmospheric conditions, type of the siding and material, and the size of the siding. Ask your contractor about the time it will take, when discussing the details. Check more info about Ideal Siding Vancouver company.

How many roof slates do I need per m2?

The quantity of roof slates per square meter depends on the size of the slates themselves. There are five common sizes of the slates. The larger the slate the less is their number. Our friends 24 hour door repair consider some approximate figures:

  • 16×8 (400mmx200mm) = 29 slates per m2
  • 16×10 (400mmx250mm) = 27 slates per m2
  • 18×10 (450mmx250mm) = 23 slates per m2
  • 20×10 (500mmx250mm) = 21 slates per m2
  • 24×12 (600mmx300mm) = 13 slates per m2

You should also take into consideration the possibility of wastage of the material and add 5% to the total amount of slates.

How to install TPO roofing?

There are four main requirements to TPO installation.

  • Welds should be tested at least twice a day;
  • There should be no welder drag;
  • Be careful when probing seams;
  • Don`t crease the membrane when it is folded during the installation.

How to install clip lock roofing?

You don`t need to be a professional to install clip-lock roofing. Just follow these two steps:

  • Place the Z-shaped steel starter bar at one end of the roof, perpendicular to the purlins. Use two fasteners to fix each purlin;
  • Holding the first roof sheet at an angle of 45° and apply stress while lowering the sheet to ensure a snug feet. Hook it over the starter bar with stainless steel fastening bracket. The rest of the roof sheets are installed the same way;

How to determine the number of roofing sheets?

To find out the length of the roof sheets, you need to measure the distance from the ridge to the fascia and add 50mm. After that, figure out the width of your roof area. And the last thing to do is to divide the span of the roof by the width of the roofing sheet (≈762mm).

What is the maximum number of solar panels can I install on my roof?

To start with, determine what area of your roof is facing south-ish as this is the only possible location for solar panels. When you’ve calculated the area, leave out 25% of the total (the edges of the roof). The average square-footage of solar panel is 17.5 sq ft. Divide the 75% of total area of your sun-facing roof by 17.5 and get the quantity of the panels you need.